Amrita Center

Amrita Medical Center is established in 2003 under the management and authority of Dr. Abdul Karim Al Ramahi, a Specialist Pediatrician by profession and expert in his medical field.

He along with his multi-national team of highly experienced professional staff in various fields of Medical, Surgical, Dental, Radiology & Laboratory offered their clients and their families the best of their expertise in promoting quality patient care in the service of community.

The medical center occupies three villas connected with each other and it comprised of thirteen (13) medical and surgical clinics and four (4) dental clinics. It has also Radiology and Laboratory departments equipped with the best state of the art and the most advanced equipments for diagnosis and treatment of the patients.

The center includes a well-stocked New Amrita Pharmacy manned by experienced pharmacists to take care of all out-patient needs.